Teds Woodworking Review – Is it Worth Buying?

This Teds Woodworking review is going to clear up the facts and myths surrounding this program. A number of things have been said about this program from Ted McGrath, often conflicting, so this review will just do away with the fluff and go to the facts. Simply put, this product is for those of you who want to learn the art of woodworking and even how to start a small business with it.

Product Features and Content

Product Features and ContentThe product contains lessons and guides for the aspiring woodworker, but the information here will also benefit longtime woodworkers looking for an easier way to build stuff. There are more than 16,000 woodworking plans here that cover everything from simple DIY projects to larger, more complex tasks.

All the custom woodworking plans come with blueprints so they’re easy to follow, and they use 2D and 3D isometric guides so even if you have just basic knowledge you’ll be able to follow it. Each project lists the tools and materials you will need so you’ll be prepared.

This program is huge, but basically it contains videos and tutorials for thousands of DIY wood projects:

  • Introduction
  • Woodworking plans complete with blueprints and videos
  • Bonus documents
  • How to start a woodworking business: this will be especially useful for veteran woodworkers who want to profit from their skills
  • DWG CAD file viewer

There’s a deluxe edition available and comes with several more features and sections including plans for a designer shed, a 3D software, additional plans and resources and references. The references are quite valuable especially if you want to expand your knowledge.

There’s a lot of information here, but you can proceed at your own pace and choose the plan that appeals to you. If you have never done serious woodworking before it might take some time but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. Ted’s also has a 60 day money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with the program you can return it and get a refund.

Presentation and Design

The plans include diagrams, illustrations and videos, and all the 16,000+ plans are presented clearly with explanations given at every step. It has to be said that Ted does a particularly good job in guiding beginners. Apart from explaining how each project is supposed to work, Ted also offers professional tips and advice: longtime woodworkers will know what he’s talking about, but these tips will be invaluable for newbies.

If you have woodworking experience, the written instructions alone will be enough to get you started. However the videos are definitely a great help as is the DWG CAD software. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert on 3D as this is easy to use; basically you’ll use this program to examine the layers and tweak the designs. This is just one feature that sets Ted’s apart from the rest, and this alone makes the whole thing worth a look.

Ted also offers techniques and tricks that come with the trade, and the guide for starting a woodworking business is detailed and practical. While other programs just offer general advice, Ted’s goes into specifics: you will learn how much it’s going to cost to start a woodworking business, where to get supplies, get contracting jobs, tax issues and licensing requirements.

What are the Benefits?

There are a lot of positive things that can be said about this program. The most obvious is the size: you’re not going to find a lot of packages with more than 16,000 projects. You can find thousands in YouTube and other sites yes, but the advantage here is they’re arranged for easy searching and reference.  Second, these programs have been handpicked by Ted, and as a professional he knows what beginner woodworking projects are best, and it shows in his selection.

What are the Benefits?Ted scores points for clarity of presentation, and the high degree of interaction is welcome. This isn’t just a step by step guide for building this or that, as the lessons also address common mistakes and how to resolve them as well as overcoming doubts. While the program shows you the basics of being a craftsman, advanced tips are also given for the more seasoned woodworkers.

There are more than 150 videos included, and they’re all high resolution and nothing like the pixelated stuff on YouTube. The videos are also detailed and cover a lot of topics such as building a gazebo, outdoor sheds, chairs, tables, a bird feeder and more. Both video and audio are crisp, and you can clearly see how each project starts and finishes.

More than anything else, Ted goes beyond the basics and explains concepts like fastening, bonding, joining and laminating. What this means is you won’t just learn how to create this or that, but also learn skills to create other projects.

Are There Disadvantages?

There’s really not a lot to complain about because the program is organized well. The size and scope might overwhelm beginners, but provided you follow the instructions it should not pose a problem.

If you’re just starting out and find everything to be a bit too much, start with simple projects and be patient. Ted explains the fundamentals so by the time you finish with the basics you will be ready for the big ones.

Where to Buy

The program is available on the official website for just $67, a ridiculously low price when you consider there are thousands of projects here. If you purchase the program and become a member, you’ll have access to more woodworking projects when you go online.


There is no shortage of free woodworking plans on the web, but as this Teds Woodworking review has shown, there’s a world of difference between the free stuff and the ones that Ted provides, as these are more detailed, easier to follow and have been proven to work. All the projects including the bunk bed plans, bird house, chairs, tables and so on are explained nicely, making this an ideal choice if you’re into woodworking.

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